by Peezy

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Infinity is a project i put together for 2 reasons, 1 because i wanted to,
and 2 because i wanted to work with artist & producers i like & respect.
Show love to everyone involved with this project.


Rez -
Crosby -
Jakk Mojo -
Marvolus -


Herring Franky -
Hurlum -
Cameron Butler -
Mike Shabb -
Sleepdealer -
Jikan -
Nat Moody -
motion -
Kanotsu -


released November 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Peezy Malden, Massachusetts


24yrs pro.

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Track Name: Infinity/Goldmine (prod. Herring Franky)
I came with fury, foes scurry so dont worry
Im in a hurry, Even my demons couldnt lure me
to the darkside, my archives show where my heart lies
arent I the one attack yall from the strong side?
The wrong guy, might get hit & might get shit
while reciting this the mic is lit just like a bic
im liken like, you might get hype
but im the type to end it quick like Tyson fights soooo..
Why would I drag it out? we had it out
i never really had a doubt one day that i'd be cashing out
im hashing out the terms of this
im tryna earn some shit, with the words i spit
so im earnest with my earnings
been yearning for a purpose
and purposely been murking these fake emcees and serpentines
cant help but do it perfectly, your never overworking me
somebody'd have to murder

from birth to infinity, im tryna reach divinity
living with this infamy, dont know whats getting into me
i see the future vividly, doing it all differently
they know im going simply from birth to infinity


Come forth if you tryna get scorched
by the source of the flame, of course im insane
with that torch in my name
yes im in the possesion of the progression of this artform
im resting in this calm storm
waiting for an encore & everything i long for
many know im on course to get it in the long form
far from norm, yeah i been unique
I been through heat, and still havent been to sleep
young and restless, come and test this
dont wanna mess with the best of the best
skeptics make their exit
its hectic, making all these bodies drop
the shotty cocked, off of all these saki shots
you really real? well, prolly not
ill prolly pop in no time
supplying yall with vibes and dope rhymes
i see it in the stars its showtime, no cosign
but its go time, now im coasting to the goldmine
Track Name: Hallelujah (ft. Rez4Real)(prod. Hurlum)
Born with the umbilical cord around my neck
so since day 1 i been out here dodging death
common sense always used when im outside
but the people in my city know im bout mine
its bout time that i take off
im ready for whatever
been so pro yo, they aint ready for my era
they aint ready for the terror that the squad inflicting
yall just listen to the scriptures that the gods depicting
not a pot to piss in, but im slick with contradictions
conquering my opposition, cuz im sick of yall positions
get a grip and start to listen when the mic is grasped
despite the fact the night will pass
just light the grass, dont make me have to smite your ass
our right of passage is this writing passion
never know how long that ill be lastin, so..
i say my hail marys and my hallelujahs
better pay respect to the man
who brought the product to ya
Track Name: Buy In (prod. Cameron Butler)
They told me stop worrying, they told me stop hurrying
been tryna risk it all, so i been taking shots like Curry then?
Hell nah its calculated, numbers never lie
been working all winter to spend my summer in the sky
imply that its bullshit youll get hit quick
young misfit so gifted on the rise like statistics
enlisted in the troop, my crew run run
yo microphone check 1,2,1,1
your crew won none
yall got swept in the series
the rest couldnt hear me, so dont mention your theories
neglecting your querys, direct all your questions
to the man in the mirror, who cant stand your interior
the rest inferior, i aint bragging or boasting
get smacked for approaching, my act is in motion
been blasted off potion, my ass is just coasting
to the places that i dreamed of, this face has never seen love

so why the fuck you people lying?
the price you boutta pay aint worth the shit that you be buying
get blessed with all these lessons you dont seem to be applying
the theme aint even underlying

these revelations im demonstrating need better placement
safe to say that your face to face with the things you facing
pray today for many blessings and amazing graces
aint playing safe but im displaying patience, uh
goodness gracious, i could've would've should've stated
that im slated to be jaded when i made it
but ill grow to be more, the world is in my 2 hands
but im at the grocery store still living off of food stamps
ouuuuhh damn, mama said im too open
but i gotta let the world know why
im too focused, been too hopeless
head down when around friends
clowned when the sound ends
im wound up around 10
so i sip a brew, what you heard just isnt true
words been misconstrued i disapprove the feud thats been ensued
soon to be poppin im usually droppin some heat
eulogy jottin' so the buffoonery stopping with me
Track Name: Menthol (ft. THIAGO)(prod. Mike Shabb)
I been hazardous, dont care what your status is
a god amongst men, like im coming out of nazareth
im running through the labyrinth, that shit deter most
prefer coasting with my people, killing foes and turncoats
i approach readily, moving oh so steadily
yall aint fucking with the legacy or lyrical amphetamines
my enemies get slashed with the sword
these cats cant afford to be lacking in scores or, last in the horde
im outlasting them, im in contrast to them
move a little fast for them, we aint gon' fast for them
my team eating regardless of people sleeping
want me give you a reason? well imma give you a heaping of em'
we unmatched, we undaunted
and barely any fun's started, the funds startingto conglomerate
i tolerate like all the hate
i do it for my momma sake, so tell the truth like honest abe
and reveal the altitude between the levels we at
you could feel the magnitude, i left no pebble intact
i fear no average dude as long my mentals intact
i stagger through your avenue with maverick menthols and jack
Track Name: Signs (prod. Sleepdealer)
Lord speak to me, tell me where i need to be
tell me what i need to do & eveything i see is true
its me & you, nobody else around
so if i started screaming loud, would somebody hear the sound
of my doubts being shouted to the heavens
i wonder where ill end up just blindly representing
something handed down by my elders
more specifically my momma
who am i to deny her, peace of mind with the thought of
all her family together up in a better place
facts are facts, i know their better faced
i know ill never get the answers i speak
till me and the chancellor meet
but i racing to my casket for conclusion
im asking for improvements and some actual solutions
i know they said you have mysterious ways
but im afraid im in a serious daze

so can you show me a sign?
so can you show me a sign?
please lord, please lord, just show me a sign
i know im gonna find out, but thats only in time, so
can you show me a sign?
so can you show me a sign?
please lord, please lord, just show me a time
i know im gonna find out, but thats only in time

its the uncertainty of afterlife that got me actin like
ill be an acolyte just to make it past tonight
the sacrifice im making, should not be mistaken
i should not be forsaken for the lack of information i receive
i believe that im being deceived
unrelieved because the things i want arent being achieved
im just swaying in the wind like the trees in the breeze
and the trees that i breathe, got me feeling at ease
i gotta read em and weep, it just the hand i was dealt
understand how i felt, just a man with no help
been a loner, time & time again ive told ya
so pardon my persona its just hard to feel closer
to a god up above who never showed his face to me
shamelessly i feel the hatred & i lack complacency
how could you judge me for my question?
so if you love me send a message, or share a blessing.
Track Name: Piano Wire (ft. Crosby & Jakk Mojo)(prod. Jikan)
stopped giving fucks about a year ago
they looking for they hero so, i showed up
just hoping i could hold up
why they wanna bring this outta me?
its obvious they doubting me
undoubtedly they cowardly like courage
watch me flourish under pressure
its my pleasure to be weathering the storm
my endevor got me severed from whatever is the norm
i been mad jaded, ever since my dad faded
built up mad hatred, to the shit they held sacred
never felt safe with
settling for something lesser, leveling all my oppressors
got me heading towards the treasure
im leisurely, killing all these folks who aint appeasing me
it seems to be my only choice, death to foes im gon' rejoice
you boutta take a loss, sabbatical im taking off
emphatic when im making off with cash cuz now they raising cost
the way to win the war, is to keep your ammo higher
now they coming at your neck like Luca with the piano wire
Track Name: Warning Shots (prod. Nat Moody)
young thoroughbred coming for that guap
your movement been moving but its coming to a stop
how could i not act proper, when im hoping in the dark abyss
your chalking up your losses while im conquering, yo
i spark a square on the stoop, yeah im often there
keep the lights off it makes it hotter when the cops'll stare
highkey these hypebeast dont like me
and aint likely to try to entice me, yo
precise shots get taken at your medullah
fakes out here snaking like they hanging with medusa
its a cold mufuckin world. yeah i know it
but im out here tryna get it whether rain sleep or snowing, so
you better miss me with that tough talk
you must not of heard im with my bootcamp like Buckshot, so
all of yall better duck down, i sun clowns from sun up to sun down
so what now?
that was 1 round.
microphone tyson, the night is goin right when
the 40 in the brown bag, ice cold i might go
to the heights i set my sites fo'
though time is moving quite slow
but my mind is spinning rapidly
actually im type to commit a casuality
actually im the type to go and do it happily
another rapper in the pile, leave you goin through a tragedy
yall about to turn this into what it didnt have to be
time to face reality and bow down to your majesty
that was just another warning shot
reign above them all, leave these people out here mourning god
thanks for another morning god
oh, and just a forewarning
for everything i wanted, my core swarming
till the Apocalypse arise with the four horseman
Track Name: Overcast (ft. TRAVI$TRΔNGE)(prod. motion)
when it rains it pours, im here to stop them from getting
what they aiming towards
no lanes ensured, be prepared for the risk
you gotta act smart like you wear 36, heard he sick
but he never really put in the work
what a shame, no names get put in the dirt
your footing is first, you gotta get your sealegs
when you tryna ride my wav files
dont be down just wave, smile
behave now, cuz when you terrible they wave towels
illegible, you about as credible as fakes smiles
no takedowns, you better stand until you shaked down
feel like you a heel, but you been acting like a face now
no grace now cuz you under pressure
wheres the logic on this topic you better stop the lecture
when i finally arrive at my destination
the rest are hating cuz im really bout to bless the nation
test my patience, i run it like a test on patients
yall adjacent to the basement and im facing my placement
in this rap shit, yall better act quick
if the crown is in my reach best believe that imma snatch it
you cant patch this, glitch in the system
rich in wisdom, when i switch the rhythm
you cant resist em like a fiend with a needle
been seen on the scene with a spleen full of evil... juice

i keep my eyes to the overcast
fuck the past man im over that
i wonder if im gonna last
no wonder why im gettin hooked
the thunder yeah its gonna pass
no wonder why im overlooked
Track Name: Vice$ (ft. YEEN NEEN)(prod. Kanotsu)
I been smoking way too much tryna ease my mind
you couldnt walk in my shoes, you couldnt read my rhymes
you cant fuck with your boy, you better heed the signs
tryna suceed over me, you gon' need some time
to prepare for the warfare, i swear i couldnt write this
they say they never liked this, but tryna jack my likeness
its priceless, acting like they righteous
giving out advice while i just give into my vices
the crisis is i dont know what suffices with
the thought of my enlightenment not striking you like lightning
this is lightning in a bottle which im sippin out
been here for awhile so the though of me just dippin out
is blasphemy, you know im actually
using strategy, never pageantry cuz
its all gritty, cuz im out here in my city
on my stoop with bout 50 of my goons acting shifty
Track Name: Frontlines (ft. Marvolus)(prod. Cameron Butler)
Live and direct from the other side
my momma expecting her son'll rise
bout time im effecting a ton of lives
you told a ton of lies so now im out here cutting ties
no room in the stable for a trader
funny how a hater taking credit like they made ya
acting like a major influence in you life
your insolence outta sight, your ignorance at a height
that i thought was impossible, wont get caught in these obstacle
with this heart im unstoppable, from the start i been volatile
its improbable aint it, im irresponsibly heinous
and im obviously nameless till im philosophically famous
soo, peep the message i be etchin in the stone
aint no question where im gon', i be heading to the throne
aint no fucking with my bloodline, ill only tell you 1 time
guaranteed that imma bust spines, when they put me on the frontlines

there aint no frontin on the frontlines